About Us

Family Owned

Tennessee CCW is family owned and operated, as well as local; located right here in the heart of Tennessee. We aren't located across the country like some others.

Tennessee CCW is staunchly pro-2nd Amendment and believes everyone who is entrusted in the community should have the right to decide if they are up to carrying a firearm for their own protection as well as others.

While Tennessee CCW hopes Tennessee will one day move to Constitutuonal carry, at this time the State of Tennessee requires a permit to carry on your person. We want to help you meet the requirements to exercise that right.


The instructor for the Tennessee Concealed Carry online class is David Howell. David is an NRA certified Handgun instructor as well as a certified and approved Handgun Carry instructor for the State of Tennessee.

David is a father of three and earned his experience while serving the community as a law enforcement officer. While David has had a love of the outdoors and firearms his entire life, he gained most of his formal experience as a Correctional Officer and a Police Officer. Many hours of training have shaped his view of how he believes training should be conducted. Everything he teaches is a way to do it but not the way. He knows that he is a continuous student himself; always striving to learn more.