Constitutional Carry in Tennessee

Tennessee's version of Constitutional Carry goes into effect July 1, 2021.

Tennessee CCW is happy to see this change and hopes it can be improved upon in subsequent years to provide even better options for the citizens in the State of Tennessee.

While this is a welcomed change for the people, if you choose to carry a firearm, it is still your responsibility to know the laws for Tennessee and any state you choose to carry in. This carry class enables you to learn the laws of the State of Tennessee as well as many other great things to know if carrying. You can take the class even if you decide to not get a carry permit.

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Tennessee now offers two types of Handgun Carry Permits.

1. Concealed Carry Only Permit (online training, less than 2 hours)

The Tennessee Concealed Carry Only Permit can be obtained by taking an online class. The Sate of Tennessee requires a course such as this one, in order to obtain the Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit.


  • Class and exam can be completed online in under 2 hours

  • No need to schedule 8 hours of in person classroom time

  • You do not have to qualify on the shooting range

  • Done on your time, your schedule, from the comfort of your home

  • Can be completed on desktop, tablet, or even your smart phone

  • Course registrations fees are non-refundable.

2. Enhanced Handgun Carry Permit (live training, 8 hours)

The course must be completed and the participant must complete the written and shooting portions in order to obtain a Tennessee Enhanced Carry Permit. The class consists of four hours of classroom instruction followed by four hours of range time. You should be familiar with your firearm before taking this class. You will be required to qualify on the range.


  • Classroom discussion

  • Allows for both open and concealed carry

  • Instructor monitors and corrects handgun safety/handling

  • At this time has reciprocity agreements with 39 other States

  • This class also requires registration with the State of TN at Click on “Handgun Permits”, fill in the requested information and click “log in”. You must do this prior to your desired class date to be assigned a required application number.

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Path to the Tennessee Concealed Carry License.

Tennessee has laid out a specific path to obtaining a concealed carry license. This license is seperate from the Enhanced Handgun Carry License for the state of Tennessee.

  • Deciding that carrying a handgun is the right thing for YOU

  • Find the class that is right for YOU

  • Taking and satisfactorily completing a Tennessee Certified Concealed Carry class. (Click above to take the Approved class)

  • Print your certificate. (You will be directed to print the certificate after completing the class)

  • Take your certificate to the local Department of Motor Vehicles branch near you with these items:

    • Your printed certificate

    • Proof of US Citizenship

    • ID

    • Permit Fee

If you have any questions, feel free to email us or contact the Tennessee Department of Safety

This is an OFFICIAL Tennessee Concealed Carry Permit Course. Convenient, easy, and fast!! Pause course and re-start as needed! 365 days of access!!

Do not fall for out of state scams or websites. This is your OFFICIAL State of Tennessee Concealed Carry Course.

90 minutes of online, easy to understand training to obtain your Concealed Handgun Training Certificate !! This site and course owned by Tennessee CCW of Centerville,TN Pause and re-start course as needed!! You can access course for 365 days!!